Meet The Staff

If you are ever stuck the GTZ staff are here to help.

So here they are!

Lay your eyes upon these beautiful specimens of rusty goodness!

The Creator Mike Hawke

Build by the machines himself this man knows not of feelings, he will smite down anyone who stands in his way. There is no mercy from the God of Grand Theft Zombies. His coding skills are second to none and his command is final.

Likes walking his dogs too the hunting grounds and setting them upon helpless animals

The High Commander MrBytedk

CEO of Pollution Inc this evil man laughs while he poisons the world. Thought to be the cause of the zombie mutations his factories scorch the world that we know as Grand Theft Zombies. If there is a node this man has laid claim to it. His personality is that of a caring human however getting on the wrong side of him is a risky move.

Likes romantic dinners and clubbing baby seals.

The Moderator Marcisss

The chief of taking admin abuse. The rustiest punching bag an admin could ever ask for. Forced upon the position because we were bored. Level headed and laid back this guy likes the simple life.

Likes falling from great heights and using landmines as pillows. Known to suffer from low FPS