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Copy over

This is for a serious GTZer
Bypass the mid week wipe with this purchase.

Only applicable to the wipe performed on the 3rd Thursday of the week.

This kit will keep your items and transfer it over to the fresh server.

Terms of this item are as follows. 

At 10pm GMT on the 3rd Thursday of the Month the server will wipe. At 9:50pm GMT High Commander Mike Hawke will copy your base and contents....

Player inventory and backpack will not be copied and 50% of Player zLevels will be reapplied after wipe. This applies to all Players authed on the TC.

This kit is applicable to one base only...

Player must disable all turrets and remove any flame or shotgun traps between bed spawn and TC as the base Paste will not copy authentications.

If you are confused over this speak to Mike first.