Here at GTZ we are a friendly community, however there are some people out there that are just toxic so we have a few basic rules that need to be followed.


These are the standard rules of the GTZ Server. 

The following are not allowed on the server in anyway shape or form:

1. Use of bots, use of third-party software, bugs.
2. Pretending to be a member of Administration.
3. Fraud, other dishonest actions.
4. Flooding, flaming, spam, printing in capital letters (CAPS LOCK).
5.  Attempted hacking, DDossing and any other misuse of code in attempt to cheat or prevent service.
6. Creating obstructions for other users, Griefing and bullying (see more below)
7. Advertisement, political propaganda.
8. Asking staff for free items is now and instant ban! No Exceptions! 
9. Racism!
There are more rules below that you should also take a look at.
Failure to comply will land you a Ban!
Bans are recorded with BanLister and may effect your ability to access other servers that are using the Ban Lister system.
Bans can be appealed for more info on this visit the ban appeal section.

Other things that we don’t like on the server include:

General Saltiness (If you can’t handle having fun or the general gameplay of Rust then I’m sorry but maybe you should dust off your fisher price toys and go play by yourself as there is no place for you on our Rust server or any Rust server)

Toxicity (This goes hand in had with your salt levels. If you want to be toxic do so somewhere else)

Childishness (By this I mean tantrums from full grown adults, Although we try to be inclusive to every age please remember that His Godliness Mike Hawke has 5 children and the last thing he wants to do is escape to Rust just to babysit more tantruming kids, We don’t however mean immaturity as the majority of Rust players are immature as hell)

Neediness (Again with the 5 children subject, neediness is not welcome on the server, If you need to call the admin every two seconds to come look at your base or show you how to do something basic then may we suggest logging off and watching some YouTube tutorials! When an admin is online he may wish to actually play the game once in a while, It’s an unpaid position and they do it for fun so don’t be nagging them every two seconds)

Glitching (I know bugs is written in the first set of rules however due to recent Unity updates there has been a few more appearing that I hoped were dead and gone, but just like our zombies they have risen their ugly asses out of the grave and come back for another appearance. Yes I know there are methods of pushing players through entities and yes we have reported the issue to Facepunch and yes the dev team are working on it. HOWEVER the issues are still there for the time being and if we catch any player exploiting these bugs to access players bases they will be instantly banned [Admins can literally watch the server like a CCTV monitor, rewind and fast forward any players actions or movements, If there is any doubt on a players movements we will review them, may I also add that the error caused when a player is pushed through an entity is recordable on the console and is reported to the admin]) 

Griefing (Again listed in the initial server rules however each server has a different look on this, Griefing to us is the process of intentionally stopping a player accessing any part of their base, be it placing a stone barricade, putting a lock on a door or locking people out of their TC. If you are raiding a base then you must treat it as the player is online even if they are not, you may clear the TC and if need be seal yourself in a building however if the player then logs back in after being raided and cannot access their building you will be in violation of this rule. This means that there is no base take overs and the hard work that the player has put into the build is not wasted)

Remover tool abuse. (If you were part of a clan or group and built part of a base but then got kicked out you CANNOT then go back to the base and use the remove tool to as a method of raiding. Simple, it’s a cowards method and we will brand you as a coward)

Freebies. (If you are too lazy to play the game correctly and are willing to annoy staff with stupid requests for free items then you can either leave now or leave by force… Why buy a game if you cant be bothered to play it… Don’t be a lazy cunt and put the work in.)

Lastly we’d like to mention that we cannot write everything that we don’t like out on here,
So lets use some common sense,
Stop and think “Will this piss off the admin?”
and if the answer is Yes
Then Don’t Do It.

One more thing… If you spot something that you think you need to report to us do so on discord for a quick response.

Just tag Mike and ask for a private conversation.


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