We've got plans

Here at GTZ we are constantly thriving to make the server a fantastic place for you the player to enjoy.

So we stop and listen to see what you guys want.

Have a look at the list below, and if you can think of something that will make the server a better experience submit it on the forum at the bottom of the page.

Fix Cars to bypass no decay and fix clear car command  /phone to spawn vehicles

Backpacks (Completed use /backpack)

Shop (Money system under development)

Rewards for voting (Implemented still deciding on best loot)

Ridable horses (Was struck off but unity update has stepped this back [ Facepunch also developing as game default])

Automatic Parachutes (For falling out of your mini copters with)

Donation rewards Made a shop, 2 birds one stone

Connecting to Ban Lister to make the world a better place (We receive information from Ban Lister which kicks out the scum, However we want to report back to the list of scumbags)

Submit your ideas