King of the Lighthouse - battlefield, Death match, King Of The Hill

No Building, No Crafting, Just battles.

Players spawn with one goal… Become the King Of The Lighthouse.

Get to the top of the lighthouse and press the button to become king..

but be careful there is always someone after the title. Spawn with a kit, shoot, battle, be happy


Racism and toxicity will not be tolerated in anyway shape or form. Racism will result in an instant ban.

Use of external scripts to alter game play will result in a ban and evidence will be passed too FacePunch to investigate.

Scripts like Aimbot, Fly Hack and No Recoil are automatically detected and reported to the owner.


Bans are automatically referred to and will result in a ban on multiple servers across the RustyBan system.
Any appeals should be done via their site.

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