Help Section

Security Lights: 
place a search light, look at it and use the following commands:
/sl – Show command help information
/sl add – Convert the search light you are looking at to a security light
/sl remove – Convert the security light you are looking at back to a search light
/sl mode – Set the mode of the security light you are looking at
/sl globalmode – Set the mode of all security lights you own
/sl info – Give the owner the ability to check the status of a search light

Modes are:
All – Targets both hostile players and helicopters
Players – Only targets hostile players
Heli – Only targets helicopters
Lightshow – Targets the owner anywhere on the map

Masterlock has now been enabled on the server with this addon it’s now easier then ever to deploy locks and grant access to players.
First enable Masterlock with /masterlock then place a codelock on your tool cupboard, set the code and lock the lock. Now any locks that you deploy on doors will automatically set to the same code as the TCs lock and lock automatically. From here granting players access to your base should be as easy as letting them auth on the TC.

For the purposes of Role play the command /opendoors and /closedoors can be used to well… all the doors or close all the doors on your building.

All Vehicles are spawnable use /phone and click on the minicopter…

To teleport to other players send a request to them using /tpr “name” the request will appear in the chat field to the other player and they can accept with /tpa, there is then a 15 second wait before you will teleport and teleportation will cancel if you or the person you are teleporting is building blocked, you are close to an enemy or you are injured.

You can set teleportation points at your base with /home add “name” then you can teleport to this point 20 times a day using /home “name”, These points must be set on a foundation made by you, so if there are multiple players in a clan you may want to make sure each player has placed at least one foundation.

No matter where you have teleported too, you can teleport back with /tpb

If you are a member of a clan or just starting one, make it official with /clan create “clanname” invite your minions….I mean friends with /clan invite “playername” and they can join with /clan join “clanname” The command list is quite long so the easiest way to read the commands is to use /clanhelp in ingame chat. There are multiple levels of help:
/clanhelp – Displays help
/clanhelp member – Displays commands for clan members
/clanhelp moderator – Displays commands for clan moderators
/clanhelp owner – Displays commands for clan owners

Then there are general chat commands for your clan:
/c – Send a message to all clan members
/a  – Send a message to all clan members and allied clans

Skip Night:
At the end of each day the server will give you the option to skip the dark lonely hours, it will hold a poll and if 50% of the server population votes to skip the night then the time will instantly switch to 7am just in time for the sunrise. When the prompt in the ingame chat appears you can vote with /voteday

If you want to customise your gear then simply use the /skin command in game, this will open an inventory screen where you can drag the item you want to change across to the box and it will load a selection of item skins, simply pick the one you want and drag it back into your inventory.

If there is nothing there that tickles your pickle then have a look at the workshop
find something you like, copy the URL and paste it into the #skin-suggest channel on discord.

You can upload your own content to signs by looking at the sign (so that the onscreen prompt says “paint sign”) and using /sil “url” the image needs to be .jpg format and try and keep it PG13. If you have no way of hosting the image online, drop it into the general chat channel on the discord and we can upload it to our own servers until the end of the wipe.

I’ve given you the ability to fill your socks or at least a back pack full of wonders… use /backpack to access it, Backpacks are safe from death and all items will stay there when you re spawn

Remove tool:
Unhappy with that wall you placed? Want to add a door? or just hate the design you went for but the timer has passed on the hammer tool? You can use the /remove tool to fix all your mistakes. The remove tool does come with a cost however but there are reimbursements, this is all displayed onscreen, Just point and click to start your destruction.
This tool can also be used to remove Large Furnaces and Work Benches

Private Messages:
You can send private messages to anyone online using the command /pm “name” “message” it will only appear in the chat box of the selected player to reply to a private message use the command /r “message”

Automatic Doors:
The doors on the server close automatically after 15 seconds, This function can be removed with the command /ad or you can change the time with /ad “timeinseconds”

Place a bounty on a players head using /bounty add items “playername” then drop the items you want into the onscreen inventory. When someone kills that player they can claim the bounty using /bounty claim for other bounty related commands use the /bounty 

To spawn your own personal minicopter use the command /mymini, There is a 5 min cool down on this command to stop spamming. To remove any spawned minicopters use /nomini and like magic it will disappear with a poof of disappointment .

There is a nice easy system for trading with other players no matter where they are on the server simply use /trade “playername” to send a trade request and the player will be prompted to use /trade accept, once this is done a trading window will open where you can drag the items you want to trade into the box.

Admin Alert:
If you are stuck and completely out of luck simply say “admin” in the chat box and hold on tight. Saying admin will set off our phones and we will jump on to help as soon as we can, but keep an eye on the chat box as we may talk to you via the server console instead of in person.

To get some easy tasty loot vote for the server once a day use /vote in game to get details on how to vote (or click the banner below) and use /Claim to get the tasty tasty loot.

Can’t spawn/wake up:
With the teleport ability we have noticed a few users falling into the same issue where a teleport is completed but you cannot wake up. This is usually caused because you have the chat box open, simply press Esc to close the chat box then press any key to wake you up.

For continued help and support and a quick way to chat with us, or other players we have a Discord server set up and ready to go, So join us with the following link.

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