Ban Appeal

So you’ve been caught being a naughty boy and you’ve been booted from the server….. 

However you think this is a gross misjudgment of your fantastic personality and want back in.

Below is a forum that I would like you to fill in and send off outlining the reasons why you think we should let you back into the community.

Depending on the crimes that you have committed this appeal will either be judged with a jury of your peers or by the high commander himself…
His Godliness Mike Hawke.

If your appeal has been successful you will be placed on probation, the duration of which will be set out as part of your terms of rejoining. Identification of probationary players is outlined by the In The Dog House tag located next to your name in chat.

You may be required to attend an interview which will be held on the discord server. If this is the case, a time and date will be confirmed with you during the appeal process. 

We are partnered with RustyBan If you have been a naughty boy on other servers there is a possibility that you do not meet the minimum requirements to be part of our community.

Check your Ban Status as

Please allow up to 24 hours for your user details to appear in the list.