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December Info.

POSTED BY Mr Bytedk November 24, 2020

During December GTZ will run as normal,the first wipe will be biweekly as usual, when the mid wipe comes we will turn the page over and run weekly wipes untill force wipe in Januar 2021.

There will be no loss of blueprints during the entire month.

The return of Napalm on Bradley and Attack Helicopter is back for now due to a test try out on Bradley Guards, beware the guards are not on santa’s good list.

During the Christmas and New Years, we can not promise /calladmin will be anserwed, due to holliday season, best thing to do is to join the discord to see if the Admins are online, or try and drop a message to one of us.

Merry Christmas to all and a happy New Year from GTZ Staff.