Important Notice

Towel Day is coming…

It may not be the news you want to hear but as the old proverb says All Good Things Must Come To An End

The underlying costs of the servers mixed with the full time hours required to keep her purring is just getting too much.

The pleasure of playing Rust went shortly after becoming an Admin, always questioning what can be done better and what can we do next time… and I just don’t have the hours to put into her anymore for the few that actually play…

Dooburt originally created GTZ and I loved the community soo much I couldn’t let it be forgotten when the numbers dropped the final time..

This server has played entire months with no one on it and gone through groups of people time and time again with only a handful that stick around. With the help of Bytedk, Who has never asked for anything and took on the Moderator position out of necessity the server has remained active for about a year extra then it would of without him.

So for that my friend I will always be grateful…AND YOU LOT SHOULD BE TOO.. That man did shit off his own back BEFORE I started bossing him around! 😛

The discord will remain open.. If you wish to hang about and see if I get up to anything else… And if any of you need help and support with Rust Admin stuff then feel free to kick me… I’ll also be on other discords and available via other means…

For that you can keep an eye on the quite bare www.MikeHawke.co.uk I’ve met some great people on here and i’d love for you all to remain in contact…

But here we go…. With a heavy heart, I must inform you that on July 2nd 7pm GMT the servers will shutdown as if it were wiping…. but this time it will not come back up.

Hapis is already closed doors and changed to a development machine for the team at CodeFling… This is a whitelist only server.


Grand Theft Zombies

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